Quick start

Get up and running quickly with the Klona platform

Step 1 : How to access a virtual world

The Klona application is the gateway to virtual worlds, access Klona with a web browser via the url https://app.klona.io or use a windows or mac plugin

Step 2 : Authenticate on the Klona application

Create an account or authenticate with your email address on the application
Authentication portal to the Klona application

Step 3 : Create your own avatar

Choose and customize your avatar from our interface. Change your pseudo if you have the possibility and personalize your title to help people identify you once connected to the platform.
Do you know ? it is also possible to create a personalized avatar thanks to our partner ReadyPlayerMe.
Avatar creation & customization

Step 4 : Enter access code of virtual world

The organizer has provided you with an access code to enter the virtual world, enter this code and enjoy all of Klona's features!
Virtuel world access portal

Step 5 : Enjoy